Endless Summer – Learn to Surf Course – (5 x lesson block)

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Endless Summer – Learn to Surf Course – (5 x lesson block)

Do you want to take up surfing as a hobby, perhaps buy your own board and wet-suit and allow that inner surfer dude in you come to life… This is the course for you. Go from a beginner to confident well-rounded surfer with this block of 5 lessons, get to know our coaches and our utilise our wealth of knowledge and equipment,
Learn the basic surfing techniques in each lesson, experience surfing different sizes and shapes of surfboards to figure out what suits you best.

As you get to know our coaches, and they get to know you, you will start to feel comfortable within the local beach environment, we will be on hand in lessons allowing you to critique and perfect techniques under the watchful eye of our instructors.

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Endless Summer – Learn to Surf Course – (5 x lesson block)

In this course you will go from beginner to confident intermediate, from our introduction to surfing you will be taught about how to stay safe in the ocean, how to paddle and change direction on a surfboard, how to paddle efficiently, the best techniques to stand up on the surfboard, and how to speed up and slow down.
Depending on your ability and effort by the end of this course you could be able to ride unbroken green waves, learn how to turn the board, assess surf conditions and eventually learn how to ride a more advanced board
Before you know it, you will be that surfer dude or dudette you’ve always dreamed of being, ha-ha!


OK, you have booked your block of 5 surfing lessons for a particular date, now what?
Book your package online and then contact us to verify a particular time slot for each lesson that suits yourself, ourselves, the swell and the tides. You can use these 5 lesson pass’s any time you want, do them all in one day, or optionally space them out over 5 years, we don’t mind, just keep your booking receipt safe!

All you need to bring is you’re surfing ticket receipt if you have booked online, your A-game, a towel, a swimsuit, and a smile- We supply all the rest!

If possible, have your swim suit on for arrival and be ready to rock and roll, the less time we spend on the beach, the more time we have in the water! 

Following our policy all equipment is thoroughly disinfected several times with the use of wet-suit cleaner & Milton, as we are in open air at the beach, we are in one of the safest environments possible, however we take as many precautions as possible

Lessons will be socially distanced, on the sand, and will allow you to choose to be at whatever distance from the coach and fellow surfers as you please

We supply hand sanitiser and all the bits and pieces, if you require some please just ask our attentive staff and they will help you.
We ask you please, If you are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms or have had contact with a confirmed case, please cancel your lesson with us and do not attend, you will be permitted to use your booking at another time – Keep Safe!

Endless summer package – 5 days of surfing for €150.00 (Save €25.00)


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