Humpback whale sighting better than 'lottery win'

Humpback whale sighting better than 'lottery win'

We spotted 'Spot' off the coast of County Donegal, Only 20 minuets from our amazing beach - the first time the species has been recorded in north west waters for almost 25 years.

"I don't know the odds of winning the lottery but this was the same thing for a whale lover. A nature lover's lottery win," Local vet Kieran Corry chartered a boat Kiwi Girl in Mullaghmore and myself and an eclectic group of amazing people headed out to witness 10 minke whales and an estimated 500 common and bottlenose dolphins - "Then the holy grail appeared... I'm still not over it,"

"Every time you meet a whale it's just an incredible experience. It's breath-taking every time, given their size, but it's just breath-taking anyway, and how curious they are about people.

"Basically it's a pretty rare occurrence that a humpback whale would be spotted in Donegal Bay, but for one to put on an incredible performance just half an hour from Rossnowlagh is just unbelievable.

"We saw a huge array of whale behavior including four huge breaches, bubble-netting and fluke-slapping."

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